How Japanese Craft Beers got Started and what they have become

To explain the concept of ‘kurafuto bia,’ Japan’s craft beer, it qualifies most easily as the product of commercial operations that sprang out of beer deregulation in Japan in the 1990s. Many Japanese recognize any brew that is not the product of any of the five major corporate beer manufacturer labels as craft beer. In effect, the trend of starting up a craft brew operation has become something of an exciting economic explosion, a recent but ongoing phenomenon that involves beer enthusiasts, home brew hobbyists, and private business such as pubs, bars, and eateries who trade in various formulations and sample each other’s love for ji-biru, local beer.

Brief history of beer in Japan

As the Brewers Association of Japan (est. 1953) explains, the first brewing of beer on the island was attributed to Koumin Kamamoto in 1853, instructed from a Dutch book. In the 1870s, beer began to be manufactured for the first time and sold, qualifying for government regulation by 1876. In but a single decade, imports were overtaken with in-state production, until from out of its economic boom emerged a national tax in 1901.

Japanese craft beer, or ‘ji-biru,’ has only been available since the legal deregulation. Previously, Japan’s entire beer industry was a government-regulated oligopoly of four or five brewers.

Already adept in the science of carbonation from their many years of offering sparkling saké, a number of “saké-only” breweries responded to deregulation by concocting their own craft beer, typically by expanding into both brew forms. For those companies, making saké differed little over that of making beer and was to make for an obvious addition of craft brew. Since, other establishments have also seized on the opportunity, at the least to offer more choices to patrons. Eventually came the move to recognize new production efforts as something of an artisan occupation pursued throughout Japan. Thus the phrase “kurafuto bia” entered the popular lingo to recognize the uniqueness of crafting that may not be limited to the beer, but extend to the label and even to the marketing.

Saké, it shall be important to distinguish, refers to alcohol in both a general as well as a specific sense for the Japanese. The equivalent “craft brew” in matters of rice-based saké, as distinct from ji-biru, goes by the name ‘jizake.’ Some microbreweries, such as Hitachino Nest, incorporate special fermentation of rice in with their malted portions, so don’t be surprised to find saké in any style of alcohol whatsoever.

Bryan Baird, quoted in the Washington Post, introduces the business nature of ji-buru as it was from its inception. “When ji-biru started, it was at least 50 percent German-style.”


At the onset of deregulation in 1994, 175 craft beer breweries emerged between 1995 and 1999. By 2005, another 100 entered the vie for kurafuto bia popularity. The number eventually rose to over 300 and then fell dramatically due to a major number of bankruptcies to the present estimate of 250 craft beer brewers.

Kiuchi Brewery represents one of over 300 new craft beer breweries to spring up by the year 2000 prior to dwindling to the present estimate of 250. Its production was 250,000 gallons in 2010 with earnings of about m$8. And as sales of saké have dived, the company has increased its operations by as much as 40% in recent years.

Slate reports that as much as 40% of kurafuto bia purchase occurs by shipment. And according to Wayne Gabel of ‘All About Beer Magazine’;

“…[A] road trip is about the only way you’ll be able to sample the handiwork of most of this country’s small-scale brewers.”

Visit a definitively Japanese home brew site on the Web, if you read Japanese, to get a sense of what ingredients that craft brewers can purchase in Japan.

Favorable conditions

Too soon to say whether the future of Japan’s beer could be blowing in the wind in the wake of the Fukushima disaster and its contamination. Whether or not a groundwater threat exists at present, breweries have been storing water in the meantime and in many cases shipping the water to regions of the northeast most in need. Other sources claim that reverse osmosis can be one way to render contaminated water pure again through use of graphene, an allotrope of carbon one atom in thickness. If filtration is the only issue then Japan’s microbreweries can possibly bounce back from this disaster practically in a flash.

The Japanese have otherwise long enjoyed an abundance of high quality spring water to brew with. The Fushimi region of Kyoto Prefecture illustrates this importance of water to brewers. And these waters have attracted more than thirty various brewers of saké and craft beer there.

Water sources are known by name, such as “Fusui water source,” and have been chronicled as matter of public record in a top 100 list. If you want to locate some breweries, refer to this list. Swan Lake Brewery, located in Niigata Prefecture, uses pure Niigata spring water and has earned World Beer Cup awards in various categories.

Japanese craft breweries

As of 2010, only three food dispensaries in Tokyo, Japan operated their own in-house breweries. the bar, Craft Beer Moonlight; dock-side pub and restaurant TY Harbour, and Tokyo Disney Resort restaurant Harvestmoon, reports ‘Beer in Japan.’ Craft Beer Moonlight, a thoroughly Japanese bar, serves homebrew quantities straight from the keg in multiple varieties, the regular beers selling for 300 yen apiece and special brews from 500 – 800 yen. Menus in the English language were reported to be on the way. Also of note was that the bar sells homebrew supplies, the only source in the city apart from the Tokyo Hands chain store.

At the south end of the island, 250 miles west southwest from Tokyo, Dining Room You of Horikawa serves up some Japanese microbrews, including Angry Boy Brown Ale (by Baird Brewing Co. of Numazu, situated 35 miles due southwest of Tokyo on the Izu Peninsula).

Japanese craft beer gatherings

A considerable number of craft beer festivals and competitions can be found in any given year throughout the major cities of Japan. Parties at bars such as Akasaka’s international brew exhibitor, BierVana (in Tokyo), also offer a way to get together and try brews of any origin while highlighting local craft brews. Online sources such as IBU and JCBA cite some of the key annual kurafuto bia fests:

• Craft Beer Festa Kyoto
• Great Japan Beer Festival, hosted in prefectures Tokyo, Osaka, and Yokohama, hosted by JCBA
• Japan Craft Beer Selection, hosted by Japan Craft Beer Support
• Japan & Asia Beer Cup, hosted by Japan Craft Beer Association (JCBS rival)
• Tokyo Real Ale Festival
• “Grand Biere” Festival, hosted by JCBA
• International Beer Competition, hosted by JCBA
• Tokyo Microbrew Beer Festival

Craft beer vs. craft tax

Taxation controls the economics of beer sales without always determining what brews people choose to buy. In order to qualify for paying less tax, brewers elected to phase out malt quantities from the 66.6% minimum composition designated to define ji-biru to lower than 66.6% for second and third tax sector beers. These types may be brewed with or without malt.

Any consumer can estimate immediate economic destiny, fortune cookie style, by looking at consumption of ‘happoshu’ or ‘daisan,’ the lesser brews. But consider, in terms of brewing, the genuine craft in terms of flavor and food pairing. Being the product of tax code convenience, although certainly not the harpsichords of craft beer, these types should not be altogether ignored as sources for inspiration, critique, or appreciation. Happoshu’s mandatory production minimum holds at 6 kL.

Though Japanese critics, apart from home brew regulations, do not generally consider “near-beer” — what sells in America as “non-alcoholic beer” such as O’Douls at 0.5% or low alcohol content — to be beer in fact, the craft brewer could certainly identify that the distinguishing fact about beer concerns its fact of being brewed with gastronomic purpose, regardless of how tax breaks factor in. Similarly, in America, it is not “beer” but rather ale and “malt liquor” that has a higher alcohol rating, while all of these brews qualify as beer in Japan. So, at least in America, beer amounts to a low-alcohol beverage. Although in Japan, beer occurs on a critic-by-critic basis outside the government’s categorical scheme. Inevitably, the decision will be one of palatable and gastronomic predilection.

Thus happoshu and happosei/daisan brews, beer or not as 2nd and 3rd tax sector concepts, tend to be regarded as “faux beer.” It’s not all bad, but that’s not enough to silence the critics about its proper place in society.

Government regulation & statistics

Japan’s National Tax Agency offers positive insight as to the popularity of beer as a national drunken beverage. The production figures popularity of beer far out-foams that of any other alcohol beverage, double that of sparkling liquor and roughly six times that of saké, going by figures for the most recent year on record. The figures also show the regions that make the most beer (Osaka, Kanto Shinetau, Tokyo) and the prefectures with the most beer buyers, or sales (Tokyo, Osaka).

These findings equate with formal statistics such as established by the Wands Review (2006) that nearly half of Japanese citizens consume beer as their alcohol of favor. International Beers Unlimited claims the figure to be at two-thirds in the nation as a whole.

A brewer’s license of either class, temporary or permanent, can take as many as 6 months to be approved. In Japan, qualification consists of meeting legal requirements for a minimum brew of 60 kL per year, the equivalent of 512 U.S. barrels. Prior to deregulation, the minimum had been 2,000 kL.

Homebrew of craft beers on the rise

In stark contrast to Japan, cities in China and Hong Kong, Seoul South Korea, and Singapore where home brewing is legal in the practical sense have opened their veritable gateway to craft beers. The United States recently saw a decline in home brewing regulations in all states nationwide.

While in Japan’s land of artisans before the corporate dominion, the legality of home brewing remains limited to the 1% alcohol content rule, under law. That’s why home brewing supplies may be readily available throughout the nation. Although freedom to blend, formulate, and share brews freely suffers undeniable restriction. Still, with favorable water and its gratifying carbonation, any home brew concoction can be shared as long as it does not exceed 1%. Home brew carbonation typically occurs in-process, whereas many breweries dilute using carbonated water prior to bottling. While home brewing is not Japanese craft beer per se, it’s still only a license and 80 kL dream away, in a year’s mass production, so there should be no ignoring that ji-biru has to come from somewhere local.

For the most part, Japan’s craft beer comes directly from the prefecture supply house where it has been brewed. Japan’s contests and festivals, as well as craft brew operations in bars and eateries, make kurafuto bia most accessible. And then there are the microbreweries themselves and their online shops. Private establishments that serve patrons beer may also elect to carry any number of kurafuto bia varieties. The Japanese craft beer scene makes for excellent opportunities to travel and get out more to socialize in the simplest of ways, beckoning an adventure of discovery in the making.

Hamburger Drippings Gravy

A Saturday evening delight is one spent with friends and family accompanied by great comfort food. A cold evening indoors calls for juicy homemade hamburgers and lots of fries a frying pan and a willing stove top. The possibilities are endless, prepare the food station and encourage everyone to get involved to help keep nice and warm, move the social into the kitchen. Let’s of course remember to wash those hands people before we go grabbing the thick slabs of hamburger patties from the fridge, it’s now time to get to cooking. A cool kick to a great hamburger, try substituting plain ketchup with a homemade country style gravy to boost the flavour. For this you will need:


Salt and Pepper

Beef Stock

Fresh herbs

Cooking time is also a fun time so don’t worry about mistakes. The greatest recipes out there started with an ooops or two. It just adds to the flavour. After the hamburger patties have been cooked to perfection, ease off the last of the mouthwatering goodness from the pan. With every cooking process of making hamburgers in a frying pan, there is bound to be some great burned treats left at the bottom; this is good stuff.  In a measuring cup, pour out all the fat and juices from the pan and set aside for a few minutes to allow the fat to rise to the top. This is a good way to separate the fat from the juicy goodness the hamburger left behind. Now it’s time to make the roux (mixture of fat and flour) which is the thickening agent. The measurement provided here makes about one quart gravy, you can add or subtract ingredients if a greater or smaller quantity is required. By now (about 3 minutes) the mixture should have separated sufficiently. Skim off excess fat from juices, place in a another container.

Using the same frying pan, pour in 4 tbsp fat over medium heat and slowly whisk in 4 tbsp flour. The ratio used here is 1 tbsp fat to 1 tbsp flour. Take great care not to burn the roux.

To the roux ,add 4 cups beef stock while whisking slowly to avoid lumps. Allow to simmer and thicken to desired consistency, then add salt and pepper to taste along with your fresh herbs of choice for flavour. At this stage, the gravy would be a bit thin, but don’t be alarmed; the longer it cooks, the thicker it will get.

Some recommended herbs:






After 5-8 minutes, the gravy consistency should be thick enough with a delightful brown colour. If greater thickness is your thing, allow to reduce down a little longer. For the added “kick” enthusiast, hot pepper flakes may be a good addition. To get a smooth gravy, you may strain it before serving to remove the fragments of herbs added. Well done team! Time to eat, serve gravy straight on the hamburger patties just as you would ketchup. You may even pour some gravy in a bowl as the dip for the fries. Enjoy friends and happy cooking!

Prostate Milking – Cleansing Your Prostate

Prostate milking is a great way to cleanse you prostate and promote inner body. This procedure can also offer you some amazing orgasms too. The prostate gland is also known as the male G spot, and the Man’s Gland and when stimulated can produce multiple orgasms.

Why Milk Your Prostate?

Before I tell you about how to milk the prostate let me first explain exactly what the prostate gland is. This gland which is also known as the Male G-spot is about the size of a walnut and similar in shape. It can be found low in the pelvic area just under the bladder and in front of the rectum. The prostate helps to manufacture semen which is responsible for carrying sperm from your testicles and out your penis during ejaculation.

The reason the prostate has become known as the male G-spot is because of its sensitive nature and the fact that when stimulated it produces waves of orgasmic pleasure.

Research has shown that regular masturbation or sex can actually help to reduce the onset of prostate cancer. It has been documented and proven that the body actually produces cancer causing chemical build ups and that these are stored in the prostate if you don’t ejaculate on a regular basis.

So guys if you want to stay healthy and avoid prostate cancer these specialists recommend that you ejaculate at least 5 times a week. With that said I know that there will be so many men out there who will be only too happy with this news, at least now they can masturbate and be encouraged to do so.

Milking the prostate is another great way to cleanse the prostate and remove any cancer causing chemicals. Better still is the fact that you can involve your partner in this too. Prostate milking is a two in one; pleasure and cleansing together.

Prostate massage is a technique that needs to be learned but with practice and patience it really is well worth it. Did you know that people with unused prostates or those who a celibate actually die much younger that those who are sexually active? The fact is that most of these celibate people also die from prostate cancer.

Don’t let this happen to you, if your partner doesn’t want to be involved in prostate milking then learn to do it yourself. There is no shame in pleasuring yourself anymore.

How To Find Your Prostate

The best way to stimulate and perform prostate milking is via the anus. Your prostate gland can be stimulated via the rectum but there are some precautions that you need to observe.

First off cleanliness is vital. Start using colon cleanses regularly and try to eat more fruit and vegetables. Next you need to purchase some latex gloves and some good lubricant. Lubricant is essential and I can’t stress this enough. The tissues inside the anus are extremely delicate and can tear very easily so you will need to lubricate, lubricate, lubricate.

When you are clean and ready, put on one of your latex gloves, and start by lubricating your index finger or middle finger. You will then need to gently insert your finger into your rectum or your partner is he/she is performing this on you. You should feel a strange and yet pleasurable sensation when you, or your partner is near your prostate.

Your partner will slowly begin to rub and put pressure on this point and you with practice will begin to have amazing orgasms.

Prostate milking will occur when enough stimulation has been given to the prostate gland and ejaculation occurs. The penis can be erect or flaccid when this happens and you may also experience extreme pleasure too.

3 ways to instantly find more fulfillment in your life…and they won’t cost you a cent

What if in the afterlife you met all the possible “you’s” that could have existed? The wealthier you who never gave up and finally knocked down that door, the happier you who stayed with your partner through the tough times, the more fit you who stuck with the daily workouts, the more accomplished you who took the time to finish writing the book. As pondered by author David Eagleman*, this notion of “other you’s” really got me thinking.

In what ways are you fulfilling your potential? And in what ways are you leaving talent, love, and passion on the table?

Following are three tips that don’t involve any massive life changes yet will propel you toward maximizing your potential:

1.  Protect Your Appetite for Learning

When we lose our appetite for knowledge, insight, and education, we diminish the power of the brain. The latest research shows that the brain can form new neural connections at any time in life. Yet when we fail to exercise the brain and entertain new thoughts, it begins to sag, like a worn out body. A lazy brain can lead to Alzheimers and other disease.** Have heaps of time passed since you’ve been to the art museum or listened to new music or read a great book?  As Glen Dorman of The Institute of Achievement of Human Potential said, “Some kids go through their whole life believing that learning is fun and the only game worth playing. We have a name for such people. We call them geniuses.”

2. Clarify Your Definition of Freedom

Like so many Americans, I bought a house in 2006 when money was easy to come by. And now I’m throttled by a huge mortgage. I used to think that owning a nice home in a pleasant neighborhood spelled f-r-e-e-d-o-m. But now I’ve clarified my definition of freedom to mean living within my means.  When you let outside influences determine your freedom, there will always be a part of you straggling behind, shackled by the weight of the world, begging for another chance to live on purpose.  That inner straggler can cause a lot of strife. As Maya Angelou said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

3. Consider The Power of Love

I once read that all of our technology is an extension of the mind and its thoughts. There is not yet an example of technology that is an extension of the heart and its feelings. One day, we will create such a machine. As French philosopher Teilhard de Chardin said, “Someday, after we have mastered
the winds, the waves, the tide and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love.” 
And I believe that such a future technology will measure how the human being who sustains a high level of love will attract not just greater relationships but also fulfillment, abundance, and opportunity.

Becoming the “wealthier you” might take years, and becoming the “more fit you” might involve painful changes in your diet, and becoming the “more tenacious you” might require a huge and prolonged shift in your attitude.   But the “more loving you” is one bear hug away. And the “freer you” is no farther than a 24 hour sabbath from the annoying cell phone. And the “more inspired you” is as easy as cracking open a great book. As I share in mine, before you take the massive and painful steps toward a more fulfilled life, consider the little ones…a amazing bite of exotic chocolate, a sidesplitting laugh, a walk in the warm summer night.

How Early Can You Get Pregnancy Symptoms

Question on how early can you get pregnancy symptoms, is not so simple to answer, since it depends on the individuality. In fact, the change in taste and in eating habits does not always indicate – a sign of pregnancy. How many future moms do not feel anything like it, expecting her first child, or nurturing younger son … “Of course – some would say – it’s not necessarily important in this case – a delay of monthly!” However, even this most notorious missed period cannot absolutely determine pregnancy at an early stage!

Let’s try to figure out what is really the symptoms of pregnancy and how to get pregnant fast and how well each of them indicates that a particular woman is expecting a baby …

So, is it possible to determine pregnancy in the first days after conception, before menstruation?

Conventionally, all the signs of pregnancy are divided into medicine, into three smaller groups, depending on how well they indicate the emergence of a new life inside the woman.

Uncertain (or presumed) signs:

This category refers to those symptoms, which can only lead one to believe the possibility of pregnancy in this case. And some women are pregnant; they are very pronounced and appear almost from the first weeks of pregnancy. For others, not only in the early stages of pregnancy, but also the entire period of childbearing is not characterized by any of the enumerated grounds. These include:

Nausea. Most often occurs in the morning and lasts for several hours. Sometimes associated vomiting – also in the morning on an empty stomach or after eating. In some cases, when the nausea and vomiting, especially pronounced, may require some changes in diet and nutrition, and sometimes even medical care. Also, there may be gastrointestinal disturbances, which begin at 4-6 weeks of pregnancy and end by 8-12 weeks.

Change in taste, smell, tastes in food, etc. It is here, and include the legendary “craving for Savory Bit” … Sometimes it happens that before pregnancy, a woman simply did not like this or that product or dish, and during this period he became one of the most sought after in its diet. On the other pregnant from the first weeks of literally brought down a whole range of latter-day odors that they simply did not notice before pregnancy. And every future Momma their special new sensations, are not typical and not necessarily for everyone else …

Emotional liability. Pregnancy at an early stage is sometimes accompanied by frequent changes of mood, which can repeatedly occur during even a single day. Expectant mother becomes very sensitive to words and deeds of others, reacting to the situation is totally different than before pregnancy, manner.

It’s not all questionable signs of pregnancy. But do not dwell on them too much detail, since they are merely “ancillary” to the diagnosis, their presence is only presupposes the fact of pregnancy. Since it is not always, the same nausea suggests pregnancy and not every pregnancy, as you know, is accompanied by nausea …

Earliest You Can Take A Pregnancy Test

A most important factor to understand is that not all women bodies are equal. Internal systems may vary greatly from one woman to another therefore conception occurrence may differ among individuals. Pregnancy can take many days after a woman gets conceived. After conception, pregnancy may take up to a week before fertilized egg stalls in the uterus and the Human Chrionnic Gonadotropin harmone (HCG) increases. The HCG test asserts pregnancy by catching the HCG hormone prevailed in woman’s urine. HCG is secreted by placenta soon after egg is fertilized and installed in woman’s uterine lining. In biological term, it is a glycoprotein.

A pregnancy test should not be taken until woman gets her menses date. It is not advisable that you can take a pregnancy test before your period’s due date because results, shortly after conception before menstrual date, are inaccurate. Any pregnancy test kit, available in the market, gives the best of results only after due date. But still there are people who want to test the conception and can really not wait till that point. Women who take the test before their menses, obviously, do not get accurate results, hence, should not feel dejected as it does not mean that they are not pregnant. They should not lose hope until they get their period.

Mostly, gynecologists advise that the pregnancy test is not before the first day of your missed period. The gap between conception and earliest detection consists of around two weeks, usually. Though there are some tests that can be taken earlier but they are very sensitive. Home pregnancy tests are believed to be 97 percent accurate, if all instructions are followed religiously strict. A blood test, done by the doctor is more correct than your early home test and can be done from seventh to twelfth day after conception. The test is first morning urine as the first urine of the day contains amount of most concentrated HCG. Taking first urine, if, is not possible, individual should avoid urinating for few hours as frequent urination lowers the amount of HCG and can interfere with early detection. A faint line indicates the positive nature of the test.


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Terror in Orlando : Dates & Hours of Operation

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The Dark History of Mayhem Manor

In 1981 at the worldwide Psychological Convention…

Dr. Morpheus MayhemDr. Morpheus Mayhem, the leading authority on the emotion of FEAR, presented the results of his life-long research. Dr. Mayhem’s theories were so radical that the other doctors attending the convention were unwilling to consider them. Scoffed at and ridiculed by his peers, the Doctor was literally laughed out of the auditorium.

Outraged by his humiliation, Dr. Mayhem set out to prove his theories. He built “Mayhem Manor,” a state-of-the-art research facility disguised as a family Halloween Haunted House and began experimenting on unsuspecting visitors. the Mad Doctor Mayhem.

The obsession of proving his theories eventually drove Morpheus mad. His experimentation became more and more radical, often pushing his subjects into cardiac arrest. There were even rumors of torture and mutilation at the hands of the “good doctor.”

In 1991, a sudden increase in missing persons reports …

Forced the local authorities to search Mayhem Manor. Inside, they were confronted by a huge, maze-like labyrinth with room after room of diabolical gadgetry designed to strike terror into all who entered. In the last room, they found the body of Dr. Mayhem, dead from his own personal experiment in fear, his lifeless body still convulsing from the electrical stimuli. Mayhem Family Portrait.

Locals claim that Mayhem Manor is haunted to this day by the ghost of the dead doctor and his many victims. But you can find this out for yourself, because Mayhem Manor is once again open for public tours. You can visit the manor house, left exactly as it was found by the authorities in 1991, less the dead body of the infamous Dr. Mayhem, of course.

Heart attack in women – The warning signs

Every year, heart attack in women kills hundreds. In fact, heart diseases are the main cause of death in women from America. The frequency of death caused by heart diseases is even higher than the death caused by cancer. Most people don’t have a clue how to recognize warning signs of heart attack before diagnosed by doctors via borderline ecg results or others. If it happens to have some symptoms, many women ignore them, thinking that is nothing serious. The biggest mistake you can make is to ignore other warning signs of heart attack in women and think that it’s nothing major while you should seriously reconsider the fact that you could be in danger.

If you don’t want to become one of the helpless victims, take your time, read the following lines and remember them. The most important symptoms of heart attack in women are:

* Chest pain – There is a reason for putting chest pain as the first sign on the list. Not because it is the most important, but because its the trickiest one. Heart attack in women is not necessary preceded by a chest pain, although doctors consider it to be like that. But there were several situations when women experienced a heart attack without feeling any discomfort in their chest. This symptom seems to be more common in men with heart diseases. However, when you face a chest pain you have a serious reason to call the emergency service.

* Shortness of breath – If breathing becomes suddenly a very hard thing to do, it might be a sign of heart attack in women. Difficulty in breathing usually appears in the morning, when you wake up. A 42 percent of women reported breathlessness as a symptom experienced before having a heart attack.

* Dizziness – It usually comes with unexplained light headedness, possible blackouts and the feeling that everything around you is spinning. There is a risk of fainting, so as fast as you can, ask for help. It is very important to realize that you risk your life if you ignore these symptoms.

* Unusual fatigue – If you feel tired and you haven’t done much, you had no physical activity, these signs predict a heart attack. Also besides fatigue you could feel a sort of weakness in your entire body. Remember if you can’t explain yourself why are you feeling tired you have to take action to prevent what’s next.

* Digestive discomfort – On the list of warning signs of heart attack in women there is also indigestion and nausea. A medical study showed that a 39 percent of women experienced digestive disorders before the heart attack.

Those are the major symptoms that occur at women who suffer heart diseases, before having a cardiac arrest. You can add anxiety, sleep disturbance, rapid hearth beats or palpitations and sweating. It does not matter if you have just one, two or 6 of these symptoms, there are all reasons for you to worry and do something to prevent the heart attack. If you already know you suffer a heart disease, you should pay an increased attention to any of these signs. Seek immediate medical assistance if you feel chest pain, difficulty in breathing, weakness, palpitations or nausea.
If you reached a certain age, it is better to try eating as healthy as you can and also have a daily schedule of aerobic exercises. Heart attack in women can be prevented if you are well informed and you take care of your life style.

7 Factors Which Lead To Heart Diseases

Heart diseases are not inevitable as is the common belief. Changing your lifestyle and taking certain precautions helps protect you from them and also prevent you from spending loads of cash on heart treatment. Here are 7 factors which have a major impact on your heart conditions:

Smoking: contrary to popular belief smoking can very well lead to a heart attack. If you are a chain smoker you will do well to change your habits. Yes it is true that one can’t abandon a habit in a single day. However there is no harm in trying. Quit smoking as fast as possible and if you haven’t become hooked onto it yet, do not give in to peer pressure! Resist and try to get your friends to quit smoking too.

Alcohol: like cigarettes alcohol is a major cause of heart attacks across the globe. A single drink now and then is not much cause to worry, however chronic alcoholism is a serious matter. Drinking too much has serious consequences which you will do well to remember. At the same time it is that occasional, harmless drink itself that leads to an addiction which ultimately becomes the root cause of all your problems. So if you can avoid alcohol altogether.

Eat fruits and vegetables: eating healthy goes a long way in securing your heart. The more nutrients your body receives the more chances it has of survival. So eat healthy.

High blood pressure: High blood pressure nearly triples a man’s risk of having a heart attack and more than doubles a woman’s. Increased blood pressure over-exerts the arteries of the heart muscles which lead to reduction I the efficiency of the heart. This can lead to a major heart attack.

Diabetes: diabetes doubles the risk for men. However it doesn’t seem to bother the women much. Diabetes causes platelets to stick together which leads to a number of clots. This increases risk of heart attack.

Exercise: Moderate exercise reduces a man’s heart risk by 23% and a woman’s by twice that amount. Exercise improves cholesterol, staves off diabetes by improving blood sugar and promotes blood vessel growth. This does not mean that you need to work out for hours over-exhausting your body. Just keep your body fit.

Stress: Stressful life events, behavioral disorders and depression nearly triple heart attack risk. Depressed people have four times the chance of having an heart attack then normal ones.

How You Can Lose Weight Quickly And Improve Your Health

Losing weight has become something that many people would refer to as headache because the thought of it alone has a strenuous effect on the mind most especially for those who are presently suffering from it. The search for a permanent solution for weight loss never ends for overweight people as the problem itself never seem to end. So I have decided to help thousands out there who are suffering from one overweight problem or the other by making useful and educative tips available to either help you burn those fats if you are fat or help you maintain a slim body if that is what you so desire. Whatever your goals are with staying healthy, you would be able to get it. Just read on to find out the easy ways that can be followed to help you lose weight faster and more efficiently.

Improved Health and Weight Loss

The comparison made by researches with low fat and low carb diet brought about a high restriction of calories when consuming foods with low fat, but on the other hand, low carb diets do not have to face any restrictions as it is free to be eaten as much as wanted.

Eating more low fat carbs will help you lose more amount of weight in the fastest period of time and also helps you cub your hunger. This technique is really simple as all you need to do is simply stick to a low carb diet.

Another interesting about low carbs is that they are healthier. They do more interesting things in the body like improving the insulin in the blood system, the sugar level, the cholesterol, and the triglycerides and also stimulate the body to lose more fat that it would normally do if low fat was your diet plan.

Sticking to this kind of diet takes you one more step further in staying healthy as it reverses type II diabetes.

Sometimes, people think that solutions that sound very effective might be very difficult to follow, but not to worry because it was said that through series of research that it is a lot easier to stick to a low carb diet than low fat diets or others in the same line of which it’s compared with.

So if you want to lose weight fast and in a healthy manner, the first thing to tackle is your insulin and your carb intake. Once that is settled, every other thing should fall in place easily.

How Much Calories are you to Consume on a Daily Basis?

Remember, low carbs would help you feel less hungry so that you don’t end up eating too often than you should which may as well trigger weight gain. Beside who would want to eat too many times in one day when there are lots of things to be done rather spend the a lot of time in front of a table and a bowl of food.

It is obviously not a nice way to have an individual live his/her life in this kind of busy world we find ourselves in today. At this point, the only thing you need to carefully watch out for is your daily carbohydrate consumption.

What is the right amount of carbohydrate intake?

Consume 100 to 150 grams of carbohydrate every day to stay healthy.
To lose weight steadily: consume nothing more than 100 grams per day.
To lose weight quickly: consume nothing more than 50 grams per day.

These are rules are not rigid for losing weight or maintaining a fit body. The case differs depending on what your goals or objectives are. For instance, a muscle builder will definitely need more grams of carbohydrate per day knowing that he needs to build muscle and building muscle is all about increasing in size, so it is important that more grams of carbohydrate is eaten. But for someone who probably works in an office or do not need so much energy should maintain the above rules or might probably need less.

The best way to achieve your goal is to do some practices so as to know what works best for you.

It is important that you know that your body will need to make some adjustment which may take a couple of days in burning fats and protein instead of carbohydrates.

Important Foods You Should Add to Your Diet Plan

Have you ever heard someone tell you that fatty foods like meat are bad for your health? Well, I have heard of a lot of that trash. How can you possibly tell me that natural foods are unhealthy?

The truth should always be told; natural foods that are rich in fats are actually good for the body and can be consumed as healthy foods without fear. Basically, this kind of foods should be among your low carb diet list.

One thing about reducing your carb intake is that you must have plans to replace them with other nutrients such as protein and fat. And the best source for such nutrients is animal products.

Don’t forget to eat a sufficient amount of vegetables to balance your diet as vegetables are rich in fiber.

To lose weight quickly, you ought to know that it comes with a lot of commitment unlike when you are not in a hurry to lose weight. So stick to which ever plan you already have and follow through until you see your desired result.

Alternative medicines strike a cord with heart patients

Heart patients are turning toward alternative therapies, but they aren’t necessarily telling their doctors. This can be dangerous. Dr. Beth Abramson of the Cardiac Prevention Center at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto warns that natural does not necessarily equal safe.

Most heart patients report getting information about herbal medications and vitamins from friends, not doctors, and about a quarter of these patients hadn’t told their doctors. For their part, physicians weren’t necessarily asking patients about alternative therapies either.

This information shows the clear need for communication between physicians and patients: If you are pursuing alternative medical avenues for your heart condition (or for other conditions, when you are on heart medication), please let your doctor know so you can learn about possible conflicts and side effects with your regular treatment.

Anorexic guy sues Rachael Ray show for discrimination

A former accountant for the Rachael Ray show is suing for one meeeeellion dollars, stating that he was fired after complaining to supervisors that he was suffering from discrimination and a hostile working environment. According to NBC, the offensive comments included “Anorexics are sick in the head” and “Anorexics should not be able to work.” Aaron Ferguson reportedly explained to his supervisor and the management that he was suffering from anorexia but the comments did not stop and eventually, he was fired.

Work is such a hotbed of weirdness. Some people have a difficult time maintaining professionalism, resorting to childish power games and weird social dynamics. I’ve quit a job with no back-up plan, just because my coworkers had gotten so hostile, resorting to scapegoating and actually lying so that I would have to do hours of additional, meaningless work so that they could watch me and laugh. Even in my current workplace, I’ve overheard statements such as, “Isn’t that just like a man?” and watched as coworkers actively plotted against other coworkers. And I’ve also tried to remain as placid and unemotional as possible when others made comments about my weight or made it a point of telling me all about their sister’s weight-loss surgery, all the while implying that I really should get myself a good surgeon. While it seems ridiculous that a supervisor would make such obnoxious statements, I fully believe that Aaron Ferguson was suffering from some asinine comments. Whether he actually gets awarded any money or not, perhaps it will give that manager and supervisor pause the next time they open their mouths.

I wonder if Mr. Ferguson isn’t suffering from another form of discrimination as well. Would his situation been taken more seriously if he had been a woman?

Some Reviews:

Anorexia as well as other eating disorders are a very real illness and should be handled with care. Quick harsh comments such as “sick in the head” are insensitive and hurtful. I however really like Rachael Ray and I don’t believe that she would intentionally be harsh. I believe that she could have been more tactful and thoughtful with her comments.

The more appropriate approach would have been…to pull the person to the side and say something like ” I am a little concerned about your eating habits, is everything okay.” If they say they are okay, then don’t bother them about it.